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What is Ozone Therapy and How Does it Work?


Ozone therapy is the process of delivering ozone gas directly into your bloodstream to restore optimum cellular oxygenation.

Ozone is a clear gas made up of 3 molecules of Oxygen – O3, instead of the 2 molecules – O2.


We offer a superior treatment using the latest technology ozone device, that gently extracts your blood and passes it through an oxidation chamber. Here it is combined with an equal volume of ozone at high concentration before being passed back into your body.

This process is known as ‘one pass’. At the IV Boost Clinic we offer 10-pass treatments – considered to be the optimum number for a powerful and effective ozone therapy.

You may have heard of different therapy methods such as;

*Using ozonated water/oil – ozone is put into water or oil and swallowed
*Ozone injections – the gas acts very closely to where it’s injected
*Rectal ozonation – where ozone gas is injected into your colon
These can certainly be an option, however, we have found the 10-pass treatment to be most effective.

Why Ozone Therapy?

Oxygen is literally life-giving. Every cell in our body needs oxygen to function: without it, we would die within minutes. Our ability to think, feel and act relies on oxygen as does 90% of our body’s energy production.

It follows, therefore, that optimum health needs complete cellular oxygenation.
Ozone is a highly active and reactive form of oxygen that can restore optimum oxygen levels in the body.

What are the side effects of ozone therapy and is it safe?
Ozone therapy administered via the 10-pass method used in our clinic is totally safe. If you were trying to apply ozone therapy yourself, however, and breathed the gas in, then there are various side effects that will occur. It is, therefore, vitally important that anybody attempting to do this, does the proper research beforehand to make sure they follow all the necessary precautions, just as you would with any procedure you were self-administering.

What supporting research is there for Ozone Therapy?


Many studies on ozone therapy have been undertaken. 2 examples of these studies can be found below:

Research carried out by the Viveknand Education Society’s College of Pharmacy found, among other benefits, that “Ozone was also found to increase the host immunity by increasing the production of cytokine”. The study also found that Ozone helped prevent oxidative stress, a leading cause of diabetes.

A study titled Ozone Therapy for Tumor Oxygenation was carried out by the Canary Islands Institute for Cancer Research (ICIC). Their research focused on assessing “the effect of ozone therapy on tumour oxygenation”.